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From 4990 Euros (VAT Excluded) for a 6 Pieces Full Options Kit

Free Delivery for all orders before 21st of March 2020


You are a Company, Private or Public, a City or any public relative company ?

Make the good choice offering them a nice ride, renting them your own E-Scooters




This business will allow you to generate high and long term profits!

Ride App for your clients is an Option only!

Rider app

Customized and easy-to-use native mobile applications (iOS and Android) with beautiful interface and user experience to get more happy riders. Supporting different vehicle types and vehicle combinations, unlimited languages and unlimited geographies.

Maintained and updated on a regular basis so you can focus on building your business.

From 4990 Euros (VAT Excluded) for a 6 Pieces Full Options Kit

Earning High Revenus with this new Business

From 4990 Euros (VAT Excluded) for a 6 Pieces Full Options Kit

Launch your own vehicle sharing platform and generate High Revenus

All the technology you need to launch and scale your own sharing business. Whether it is kickscooter sharing, scooter, bike, moped or even car sharing.

Technical Specs and Options

From 4990 Euros (VAT Excluded) for a 6 Pieces Full Options Kit

Free Delivery for all orders before 21st of March 2020

Ride App for your clients is an Option only!



1.How many kinds of electric scooters do you have?

Now we have two escooter for sharing project—— Koonea T2 and Koonea T2S.

Koonea T2 uses 8.5-inch 310W motor. It uses swappable battery and has a battery lock.This scooter uses rear disc brake.   

Koonea T2S is our new product,which use 10inch, non-foldable, swappable battery.

We also have ebike and 3 wheels escooter for sharing project.


2.What is the waterproof rating of the controller and battery?

IP54 for escooter; IPX7 for battery


3. Is it possible to have the protocol so we can install our own IoT?

Yes. We can send you the protocol for IOT and controller.


4.Do you also provide the APP and backend?

Yes, we supply all App and backend you need.


5. While scooter is turned off and locked, what is the wheel status?

Koonea Escooter has the vibration alarm. When the user does not scan the code to unlock and then move the scooter, the scooter will sound an alarm, and the motor will generate the reverse force, the motor will be blocked. It is difficult for the user to move the scooter. This alarm will continue until the user stops moving the scooter.


6. Why do you use the Bluetooth Module?

Bluetooth module is a backup data transmission scheme. Sharing electric scooters could be ridden by users to any corner of the city. You can add this feature to your APP, and let the user’s App connect to the electric scooter via Bluetooth when the communication module’s signal is bad. In this way, the data can be temporarily collected in the APP. When the signal of the communication module is good, the data can be transmitted to the server. Of course, the user’s cell phone signal may in some cases be better than the IOT’s signal, and can also transmit data.


7. How does it work when we need to update the firmware?

 We give you a tool can be used for updating the firmware.

 Our IoT device also support OTA capabilities.


8. Approximatelly how much data the communication module consumes during a typical month?       

At least 30M

9. If I want to test the sample, do you need me to send our sim card to you?

For sample, we don’t need you to send sim card to us. Before send you the samples, you should provide us with some information as follows:IP Or Domain,Port, User name,Password of your MQTT server,and the name of communication service oprator,the APN,bandwidth and authentication method of sim card.

For bulk order, we hope you can send us all your sim cards, we will install sim cards for you, it will save you a lot of time.


10. How do you define user name and password?

For the security, the username is prefix 0+IMEI. The password is the data encrypted by the AES128(IMEI). Every scooter has its own username and password. If you want to define the username and password as you wanted, you should confirm it before the shipment.


11. Do you support TLS(SSL) encryption?



12. Can I send a command to slow down the scooter while the user is riding?

Yes,you can. We have tested that this is a gradual deceleration process, so it will not hurt the users


13. Does each battery have a unique key?

For your bulk oder, all the keys are the same.But your keys won’t unlock another customer’s batteries.


14. Where is the IoT installed? How to prevent IOT from being stolen by users?

The IoT is installed inside the baseboard.,the users can’t see where IOT is installed.All the screws we used for

Koonea T2 are anti-theft screws.


15.Do you offer charing station,docking station or lock?

We have the charing/docking station for escooters.

If you just need the lock (Mechanical lock or Bluetooth lock),we can add the lock for your bulk order.


16.Is it possible to change the speed limit on a scooter?Such as 30-35km/h.

We can lift the speed limit, the maximum speed is 30km/h


17. Is it possible to add a button to the display so that the users can choose the speed of 10 km/h or 25 km/h?

We can do it for you. We can keep the button on the display for you,then the user can choose the speed. But we recommend that you set this function button on your app instead of on the display. Because keep the button is on the display, the waterproof effect of the display will be worse.

18. Can I customize the footpads on the deck?

If you want to customize the footpad, you can choose the sandpaper stickers or rubbaer stickers. You can design it yourself. I can send you the dwg file for the stickers.


19.Can I customize the frame with our colour and logo.

For bulk order,we can paint the frame with your logo for you. MOQ is 100pcs.


20. What’s the lasting life of the Koonea?

The life of an electric scooter is determined by batteries and other factors.The number of cycles of battery charging is about 600-700 times.When the battery is charged 700 times, its life may drop to 70%.Many customers will buy extra batteries.Of course, there are other factors, such as whether the user will destroy, the local environment (acid, alkali, rain), etc.Normally, the life of an electric scooter should be about 2 or 3 years.However, the electric scooter used for sharing is more frequently used than private products, and it is always exposed to the sun and rain, so its service life is definitely lower than private products.Some of our customers have been launching sharing scooters for almost one year and our scooters are still very good.


21. Does your IoT has triaxial accelerometer?



22. How long does it take your factory to produce 1000 scooters

For 1000pcs,we can complete the production in 40 days. For 300cps or 500pcs,we can complete the production in 25-30 days.


23. What is your payment terms?

We usually accept T/T as the main payment terms.For sample,100%T/T;for bulk order,40% as down payment.