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Penetrating Chinese Market

  1. Cosmetic is the first commercial market in China.

  2. Reputation and trust are the most important. Any Chinese buyer will do research on a brand before buying. Looking for recommandations, articles, news, ratings and so on. Baidu is the Chinese Google. Any brand wishing to settle in China should be there. Mandarin Langage only on Baidu.

  3. Getting any customer interests needs to be visible on the market for many months with good media release.

  4. Two ways of selling in China for two kind of clients : B2B with Wechat and / B2C with Baidu and Weibo

With all these informations :

On a 6 to 8 months basic contract, with the budget of your choice, minimum of 2500USD per month, for a total of 20000USD period, here are the points :

  1. Translation of your website in Mandarin (mandatory)

  2. Registering of your brand on Baidu, Wechat, Weibo and all social networks in China

  3. Chinese Mandarin e-brochure création and postings (mandatory for B2B)

  4. Posts, tags and comments 10 to 12times a week on all social networks

  5. One long article release per month on a large Chinese Media with pictures of the products and brands. Important for reputation and long term presence in China.

  6. After 6 months, a large introduction to most Chinese distributors of your sector and marketplace is scheduled.

  7. Official presentation of your Brand and Products live in Shanghai to all distributors wishing to contract.

  8. Following these contracts after 8 months on a new contract base to build up at that time together.

  9. For each sales to come, we will invoice you a 10% commissions on every sales in China on the networks we have helped you to build.

Notice :

The more your budget could be increased, the more communication and marketing will be displayed. The more sales you will be able to realise after 8months.

So penetrating Chinese market with our agency allow you to have a low monthly budget first of all.

At the end of this 8 months period, depending of success we will update a new contract together.

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