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Chinese company Set Up :

•       WFOE – (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise)
o       is a China company 100% owned by foreign investor;
o       with business scope that requested by client;
o       minimum share capital varies according to the business scope, and also the place of company formation (the city and the economic zone);
o       pays income and profits tax etc as business is operating; Shanghai could be the best for business for time being.

As a good and easy option,
A Hong Kong Limited Company can be the owner ( shareholder ) for WFOE. The fee for WFOE set up is about HKD107,000.
We use to recommend client to set up a HK LTD (set up fees is about HKD29,000 with a local Bank Account) as investor vehicle to enter into China.

The benefits of using a Hong Kong company as investment vehicle includes:
* separate legal entity to protect client from China operation risks;
* lower withholding tax when China entity remits dividend to a HK mother company (withholding tax is around 5% for HK investor);
* China authority is more familiar with Hong Kong company documents;

If using a HK company to act as investor to set up the China entity, below are normally required to prepare from HK side ( we are capable to offer the service):
* legalize the HK company registration documents – quotation depends on the number of attachments require;

Please provide us your basic info to enable our business partner in China to give you further details contacting us by email on :

* Which format you prefer to set up in China ? eg. WFOE
* Which city to form and have you identified the office yet?
* What is your business scope?
* Any existing staff in China already?
* Any overseas staff requiring working visa in China in future?

Best operational structure full cost is HKD136,000

Total time for Hong Kong Holding creation is 1 week.
For Chinese WFOE setup is around 3 weeks.

No need to come first to launch settles. We can make all documents by email.
Visiting us will be mandatory for bank account openings and signatures only.